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Sign Up for Practices or Pick-Up Games, or Set-up a league

The pricing is based on utilizing one end of the gym (Gym A or Gym B). If in the event that no other rentals are chosen for your time the whole gym may be utilized. We have a dividing curtain to provide optimal privacy. League play will utilize both ends if enough patrons participate.
Dates and Times to be given based on coordination with management and based on a first come first served basis. If you are planning multiple dates then give us your initial starting date here and we will work together to schedule your remaining dates.

While Cedars Activities Center will always do it's best to keep you safe at all times we do not accept any responsibility for injury received while on the premises. We expect all patrons to clearly understand that Cedars Activities Center will not be primary or secondary insurer for injuries.

Cedars Activities Center will not be held liable for stolen items or damage to patron's property while visiting or participating in activities at our center.

I, the contact person for this event, accept full responsibilty for all parties on the premises in association with my scheduled event.