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Name of the person that will be the contact person for this rental.
For each additional hour add 33% to the listed prices. *Kitchen space means at least 1 large refrigerator/freezer and half the cabinet space. Sink is shared in the event that another party is booked. **What is Cedars Activity Center? Cedars is a multi-purpose activity center for the building of community and Glory of our great God. Cedars is a place of worship, Bible studies, fellowship, Christ-centered concerts and benefits. It is built by the leadership of God's Holy Spirit through the many gracious donations of God's people at Lebanon First Baptist Church. Plan your special event at Cedars Activity Center now! Our recommended donation amounts are listed on our rental page. Cedars is for God's glory as people gather together with family, friends, and new acquaintances from our amazing community. May our precious Lord receive all the praise for the Cedars Activity Center!
What is the difference between Set-Up and Non Set-Up Activities? A Set-Up Activity is one which requires set up like nine-square arena, gaga-ball pit, sumo-suits, volleyball nets, or inflatables. Non Set-Up requires nominal or no set-up time, such as providing basketballs, futsal balls, or whiffle ball equipment for use.
100% of the $55 non-refundable deposit will be applied to your rental.
We have times available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. It is a first come, first serve basis.
Keep in mind, that while we will work very hard to get you close to your desired date and time, first come and first serve will be our approach to booking rentals. Remember, some of our packages allow for two parties to be conducted at one time.

While Cedars Activitiy Center will always do it's best to keep you safe at all times we do not accept any responsibility for injury received while on the premises. We expect all patrons to clearly understand that Cedars Activitiy Center will not be primary or secondary insurer for injuries.

Cedars Activities Center will not be held liable for stolen items or damage to patron's property while visiting or participating in activities at our center.

I, the contact person for this event accept full responsibilty for all parties on the premesis in association with my scheduled event.

Clicking Yes acknowledges the waiver's requirements which waves Cedars Activity Center of any liability for sickness, injury, accidents, or stolen possessions that might occur during your event. Clicking No means you have concerns or do not agree to the terms and will require a conversation with management before your event. Let us know how we can help..
Please include any special concerns or questions